Property leasing:

Air-conditioned premises are rented for their use and enjoyment, located in the Building of CAC, S.A. located at Calle 23 No.64 corner P, Revolution Square, Havana. This service includes maintenance and minor repairs, cleaning of premises, water and electricity.

General services:

This service includes the cleaning and sanitation of premises and maintenance of indoor and outdoor areas.

Sale of merchandise:

Food and non-food products are offered that ensure the logistics of the companies, delivering the goods in the quantities, technical specifications requested and in the appropriate containers and packaging for transportation and conservation.

Constructive maintenance:

The maintenance and construction repair, repair and maintenance of climate equipment, and the requested services of masonry, painting, roof covering, electricity and plumbing are executed and budgeted.


It includes the design and production of prints of all types of paper and cardboard, assembly and binding according to format (magazines, brochures, models and others).

Computer Services:

The following Computer Technical Services are provided:

Telematic Services:


  • Installation of Operating System and workstations.
  • Systems installation, repair, update and maintenance.
  • Installation and configuration of print media and other media and connectivity devices.
  • Advice and consultancy to users for the use of systems.


  • Diagnosis and repair.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Installation of modernizations and capital repairs.


  • Cleaning and maintenance of cabinets and active equipment on the network.
  • Installation, review and verification of data network points.
  • Change and repair of the passive elements of the network that require it.
  • Design, installation, revision and maintenance of data network cabling.

Administración de Redes:

  • Provision of services associated with Computer Security.
  • Management of users and shared resources.

APP Development and Support Services are:

  • Non-exclusive Use License Grant on a computer product created by the Company.
  • Initial Technical Assistance for the exploitation of the product, which consists of the installation, set-up and training of personnel for its handling.
  • Development of custom software.
  • Creation of portals and business websites.
  • Technical support to own or third-party applications.

Transport services:

Various services related to transportation and automotive repairs are provided, among which are:

  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance, include mechanical and cleaning services for transportation.
  • Rental of means of transport, includes the services of light vehicles and minibus, roadside assistance and water pipe, as well as the hiring of professional drivers.
  • Technical transport services, includes the legalization of your documentation: Procedures with vehicle registrations, CRTA procedures and transport licenses.

Education and training services:

Teaching, advisory and consulting services are offered in aviation technologies. Therefore, it trains, perfects and trains technical personnel in the different aeronautical disciplines, as well as Cuban and foreign personnel from the region.