We are a company with 14 years of experience in the provision of multiple non-airport services, guaranteeing logistics assurance to the Central Office of the IACC, the Cuban Aviation Corporation (CACSA S.A), its subsidiaries and third parties associated with the sector.

Among our main services are offered, general cleaning services, leasing of premises, printing, sale of merchandise, automotive maintenance and repair, computer science and specialized training in aeronautical activities based on the needs of the Cuban Civil Aviation infrastructure.

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Basic principles:

  • Satisfy customer needs, goals or objectives.
  • Its purpose is to create a benefit (not just an economic gain) in two ways, for the organization and for the client, even seen from a much broader angle, it is about achieving a benefit for the entire society as a whole.


  • Increase our client portfolio, promoting the export of the services we provide to foreign companies established in the country linked to the aeronautical sector.
  • Maintain the degree of satisfaction of our clients, analyzing the main deficiencies found in the surveys and using them as a tool to improve services.
  • Continuously improve the image of the Company, offering other services and providing facilities to the client, based on the professionalism of the staff and continuous improvement in the quality of services.

“We are all customers.”

“Not everything that is shown is for sale. But nothing is sold unless it is shown ”.

“One dissatisfied customer is more important than a hundred satisfied ones.”

“Customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction.”

“Not all that is useful for orientation is a compass.”

“The customer-oriented company begins with the market and is guided by it in every decision, investment and change.”